Under Rs 1000: 5 Affordable Skin Care Products For Your Beauty Routine

10 Jan

Everyone wants to have youthful, fresh, 카지노사이트 and glowing skin. And for that, some goes towards the ‘Desi Totkay’ which are not much useful these days with extra pollution and dynamic changes in weather. So most people jump toward the latest skincare products available on the market to get rid of acne, spots, dryness, and wrinkles. But the truth is, good skin care does not have to be expensive. You do not have to break the bank to make your skin look good.

The Skincare regime has a great significance to make your skin look youthful. Our skin shed millions of cells daily so it is important to take good care of it. And for that, it is not necessary that we move towards La ’Roche Posey or Estee Lauder kind of brands.

Skincare should not be considered a luxury for wealthy rich people. Considering that ‘Hey, if this is expensive it should be good. Right? But there are plenty of skincare brands that perform well than them. We can find good quality and effective products from our local drug store or online under our affordability.

As looking for effective and affordable skin products is so confusing and expensive to shop. So buckle up girls we have listed down a few products for you with the prices to make your quest easy. These are a few brands that have different products for different types of skin, you can choose according to your skin texture and your wallet.

Micellar water:

Removes your makeup, excess oil, dirt, and impurities easily.

  • Garnier: Rs500/
  • Dr.Rashel: Rs690/-
  • L’Oréal: Rs700/-


An everyday product to remove excess oil and avoid pimples on the skin.

  • Ponds: Rs350-500/-
  • Neutrogena: R850-1000/-
  • Clean & Clear: Rs450-700/-

Vitamin C serum:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works to stimulate collagen production in your skin. It also fights fine lines, brightens your complexion, and provides a host of other benefits.

  • Saeed Ghani Serum + Rose water: Rs200/-
  • Dr.Rashel: Rs500/-
  • Vince: Rs1200/-
  • Garnier: Rs1200/-


Your aid to de-pigmentation and an even complexion. 바카라사이트

  • L’Oréal: Rs1500/-
  • Olay: Rs1400/-
  • Neutrogena: Rs1700/-


The SPF formula helps to give protection from harmful rays and softens your complexion.

There are other numerous brands and products which do wonders on your skin but I have used these products myself so I’m sure they will benefit you as well. Do let us know if this helped you get glowy and squeaky clean skin.

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